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Marchesa Casati

Augustus Edwin John, The Marchesa Casati 1919. Oil on canvas. Purchase, 1934. #2164 © 2017 Art Gallery of Ontario

Find the image you need from the Art Gallery of Ontario, one of the most distinguished art museums in North America. Our remarkable museum is home to over 95,000 works of art, from the vast body of signature Canadian works, European Masters, photography, cutting edge contemporary art, to Peter Paul Rubens' masterpiece The Massacre of The Innocents. In 2002, Ken Thomson's generous gift of 2,000 remarkable works of Canadian and European art inspired Transformation AGO, an innovative architectural expansion by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry.

Artfully interpret our fabulous collection using an image in its entirety or a tiny detail. AGO Images licenses to scholarly, personal use and commercial clients worldwide.

The AGO’s Digital Studio is staffed by the industry’s leading art photographers and imaging staff. Our high-tech equipment and expertise enable us to produce the best art and museum photography available.

Our Licensing team is available to assist you: take advantage of our full research services including image selection and advice on copyright permissions. New digital content is added weekly and art in our collection can be digitized for your project. Please inquire if you cannot find the image you are looking for.

To order an image, please use the following form:

Contact us at: or call: 416-979-6660 x236 or x510

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